Stand Against Proctorio’s SLAPP – Update #17

Tomorrow, the Protection Against Public Participation Act hearing will finally begin. Things get started at 10am, and you can request the phone access information by emailing The Honourable Bruce Cohen, Superior Courts Communications Officer, at SCJCommunicationsOfficer at bccourts dot ca. My case is Proctorio Incorporated v. Ian Linkletter, file S208730, Vancouver Registry.

The hearing will last five days. Each day’s proceeding will begin at 10am and last until 4pm. There are two 15-minute breaks and a 90-minute lunch break, meaning 4 hours of court time each day. Please read the conditions: has our full written submissions to the court.

Thank you for being interested!

Thank you for standing against Proctorio with me.

Thank you for getting me here.

Ian Linkletter