Stand Against Proctorio’s SLAPP – Update #23

Hi everyone,

I have wonderful news! We won today!

In this morning’s hearing, Justice Milman clarified that he partially allowed my PPPA application after all. Proctorio’s claim of “circumvention of technological protection measures” has been dismissed. Proctorio’s claim of copyright infringement for one screenshot of the “Proctorio Academy” has also been dismissed. He found that while he had not considered Proctorio’s constitutional question in his decision, it was not necessary for this partial dismissal of Proctorio’s lawsuit.

I am thrilled that I no longer have to defend myself or worry about these meritless causes of action. Please join me in celebrating the ongoing success of my wonderful team from Arvay Finlay LLP. Catherine Boies Parker, Q.C. and Julia Riddle represented me today and this victory is theirs as well. It’s all of ours. I wouldn’t be here without your help. Thank you!

With Justice Milman’s order finalized, we will file our appeal factum next week. I’ll write to share it with you then.


Ian Linkletter