Stand Against Proctorio’s SLAPP – Update #1

Thank you to all of you who have taken a stand against Proctorio by donating to my legal defence fund. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but sure enough, the community has had my back this whole time.

I set a goal of $20,000 because I thought that was the most I could possibly raise. I am so relieved to see such rapid progress. If we exceed the goal, it will continue to go towards my legal bills and nothing else.

Proctorio has an advantage over me because they are rich. Ultimately, through their actions, they will get to decide how much this costs.

As I wrote in my campaign description, if we are successful in having Proctorio’s lawsuit dismissed under the Protection of Public Participation Act, they will likely be ordered to pay full indemnity legal costs.

If this happens, all the proceeds from this campaign will be donated to the BC Civil Liberties Association.


Ian Linkletter